Nose To The Ground

How much do you miss as you run for the bus or race across busy streets? Even if you take a stroll through the park, do you ever avert your eyes from what’s ahead to what’s below? If there was money on the sidewalk would you pass it by? Stomp foot first into something that you’d rather not? Trip on an uneven strip of concrete? There are many reasons and occasions to pay attention to your feet and where they are taking you.

When you allow yourself to really pay attention you will find treasure at your feet and not just in the form of spare change or a lost piece of jewelry. Is there a beautiful feather in your path? An acorn or pine cone that will dispense tree energy when carried in your pocket? Will it make you smile when you reach in and touch it, a well kept secret from the person who might be talking with you or the boss you’re getting a reprimand from? Does its energy and the joy you get from the tactile connection with Nature calm you or make you feel empowered?

Did the perfect leaf fall at your feet? Does it bring to mind childhood memories of pressing it flat and coating it with paraffin to preserve it and use it as a marker in your favorite book about Nature? If you display it on your desk, will that inspire your mind to travel to a forest path amid your hectic day?

There is treasure where you stand. Gifts from Nature to remind you that you are only a step away from the beauty and wonder once kept and now freely given. Watch where you’re going and you may discover that ‘eye level’ will allow your vision to expand.


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