Tar O’Day

The Tarot card for today is the five of Wands from the Rider Waite deck. The image on the card depicts a group of four young men brandishing staffs or wands and they appear to be in battle while the fifth man stands off to the side. The suit of Wands has to do with ideas, insight, spiritual energy, intuition and will.

Is the battle in earnest or is it a mock battle between friends? Is the man standing off to the side observing his friends playing or is he ready to jump in and add his energy to the fray when one of the other men tires or is struck down or is he trying to stop the action by trying to take command of the situation?

How may this image relate to your current circumstances? Do you find yourself at odds with those whose ideas differ from your own and feel that you are competing for attention? Step back from the battle and become the man on the sidelines and notice how it feels to remove yourself from the conflict. You always have the power and choice to do that.

Situations may escalate needlessly when opposing ideas meet head on. Being ‘right’ is most often not a matter of displaying and fighting for true facts, but rather what can be best described as ‘your own truth’. That varies from person to person and is true to the person who holds this belief but is not universal or that which can be proven via science or experience.

Convincing someone else to adopt your ideas and abandon their own is frequently a battle that cannot be won. Even if the facts are on your side, an argument never really ends in victory. An apology can never erase what has been said in anger and the mind has been programmed by evolution to focus on the negative to assure survival. It is the Tiger in the bush along the path that one always has to be ready for instead of the Kitten in the basket. Always being prepared for conflict is how we are wired. Therefore, it is difficult to be the one to put down your weapon and allow the other person to ‘win’. However, by doing so, you win by defusing the fight. You have taken control of yourself by choice and that is always the mark of a true ‘winner’.


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