My My Mantra

I want to be able to be proud of what I’ve done instead of seeing all the ways it could have been better if I had just tried harder.


Walking Their Walk

If you wanna look like you live like that…you’ve gotta live like that. No one gets buff sitting on their duff.

It Ain’t No Big Thing

But, in reality, it is SO big. Today, just for today…let’s do one thing that will move us in the direction of a goal. We’ll write it down, because a goal that is not put to paper, is just a fantasy. Then we will accomplish it…and…wait for it….CELEBRATE. We might enjoy the process SO much that we will want to do it again tomorrow…and the day after that…and the day after that…OH DE JOY!!!

What’s The Big Idea?

Big ideas are something we should aspire to have every day. Don’t feel you have to share them, because although they may be BIG to you, they might not be to someone else. Never  allow someone else to chisel away at your monumental dream until all you have left is a pile of rubble. It’s too hard to reassemble the pieces.

Have a big idea and write it down in a space that will enable you to expand on it and work with it. Yes, there will be times when we need to reshape it a bit and resist the impulse to rush it. Breaking it down into sections and categories, each with its own room for expansion will help to create an orderly vision. One that is less likely to implode when we are forced to confront obstacles that we didn’t plan for in advance. These are not reasons to give up, because when we accept the possibility, we are less likely to become discouraged.

Have a BIG idea today and set a deadline for completion. Keep it front and center. Every time a new thought emerges that will help you reach your own personal goals, jot them down and you will have made a treasure map for BIG success.