Urgent Matter

When you release the urgency to have it, what you want will Magickally appear before you.


2 thoughts on “Urgent Matter

  1. Tatsat says:

    It is like something you have been searching ( a book or a pen ) hard for something and you can’t find it. Then when you sit down, it turns out to be exactly where it should be 🙂
    Agitated mind is an unwelcome mind, probably 🙂

  2. Katrika says:

    I am always studying things like manifesting and have found that being impatient demonstrates doubt. Doubt is reported to actually delay your intentions coming to fruition due to a lack of belief and a strong belief is necessary to manifest…Hmmm, I detect a circular pattern here. Do you ever frantically look for something and give up? Suddenly you have an impulse to look in a particular spot and….poof…there it is. I always wonder if it’s the subconscious that knew where the thing was the whole time, but the sense of urgency and frustration were blocking the message. I find that when I stop obsessing about something that I want to the point that I don’t even think about it anymore, it happens so suddenly that I’m completely blown away. I am not a patient person so this is one of those ‘personal demons’ that I battle with all the time. Maybe in a past life I was extremely patient so I decided that this time around I was going to try the reverse experience 😉

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