Where Am I Now?

Greetings everyone,

I’ve been one busy Witch, working in my garden and exploring the world of new possibilities. Just returned from spending the weekend with the Coven, trying to defy the laws of time again. After attending the Rock, gem and mineral show in Marshfield, Wisconsin, we had to skip our usual trek to Powers Bluff in order to spend more time at our favorite rock shop to visit our favorite rock lady, Mrs. Leach. Can anyone ever have enough crystals?

It was so nice to record our show, Hocus Focus, ‘in person’ as opposed to using Skype. The topic is “Maiden, Mother Crone” and will air this Tuesday, May 6th in our new time slot of 7 EST. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/moonshadow92 The plan was to get several shows ‘in the can’, but we kept losing our signal which is easy to do while in a wooded area. It’s not as if we’ve never gone ‘live’ before, so we didn’t panic too much.

Many avenues were explored and ideas shared. My book will be completed and should be available soon and there is talk of Sarinea and I doing a DVD that may be coming out next Spring. I think I’ve figured out what I plan to do with the next 40 years after I celebrate my 60th birthday in August. Think about retirement? Yeah, right…

Another Magickal week beings. Celebrate every second and resist the usual, habitual practice of ‘working for the weekend’. Every day brings a new opportunity to do that which you’ve never done to experience that which you never have.


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