Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like Being With The Coven

“Enchanted” still pulsates with residual love, even though I just received a message that my Coven family has arrived at their perspective homes. I sigh, relieved to know that they are safe and back with all that is familiar. The familiarity of home always comes with its own measure of comfort no matter how wonderful the journey was that enticed us to leave it. The confined spaces that walls provide take on the characteristics of batteries, accepting the charge of energy and holding it for a time, until it gently dissipates and all that remains are the testimonials of the experiences. Memorials in the form of mementos and gifts exchanged become the placeholders that have the power to make us relive these precious moments.

Cell phones, gadgets and cyber visits on Skype are an improvement over the days of missed calls on landlines and communicating via ‘snail mail’.  A time before answering machines, when it could be days or even weeks before a connection was made because it was all so ‘hit and miss’ if we dared to leave the house. However, there is nothing quite as satisfying as face to face and hand to hand contact. The fresh, warm, home-made cookie feel of hugs and whispered, “I love you’s” cannot be duplicated by anything commercially boxed. This was my existence from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning.

Issues that could only be resolved by a measured dose of ‘face time’ had been healed with the kiss of two-lip salve. Words that could not only be heard, but felt because they were spoken with lips that smiled and laughed. Eyes sparkled, got misty, and even rolled a little. Nothing was missed or hidden because it was out of camera range. The bonds that have held us together as a Coven may get stretched, but times such as this find us tugging them tighter and retying the knots until the security of what we have cannot be breached or unraveled.  I needed this. I think we all did.

Our new venture, Hocus Focus Radio, was born this past January after the conception and gestation took place the previous Autumn and was nurtured over the harsh Winter that kept us house bound.  Calls, emails, and the blurred images of ‘video speak’ could replicate what we needed, but was incapable of cloning it. The show is coming along nicely and our commitment to the dream that we all share is strong. The vision is such that it is viewed by one pair of eyes divided among the four of us. This weekend all of that was confirmed and stamped with the sacred seal of validation that I think we all needed to be assured of.

When a connection is so complete that the concept of dissolution cannot even be imagined, the term ‘friendship’ can’t begin to describe it. What took place in my life before it was blessed by the arrival of these gentle and loving beings was satisfying to be sure, but that can be said of a lot of things that never cross the line into something that transcends satiation. A Coven is a Spiritual family. It doesn’t get any deeper than that. The degree of vulnerability that it requires is not for the wary who ride the current of the fear of getting too close.

Their physical presence is absent, but their essence is still here and shall remain. It gives me buoyancy when life attempts to drag me under and reels me in when my visions might allow me to float untethered, aimlessly in space.

Blessed Be… Blessed me.

Recorded Saturday, April 12th


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