Take The Mundane Out Of Monday

It’s Monday and for most of us, it’s back to the routines that we follow during the ‘work week’ as opposed to the free wheeling weekends when we might abandon any type of conformity . No need for these rituals to be boring and ordinary, since most of them are ingrained due to the comfort they bring by being familiar. But, sometimes the comfort level can make us complacent and that might be why many of us view the whole work week scenario as undesirable and even depressing.

Maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit and put some hum in your drum.  Changing just one aspect of your routine may provide something that can change your mindset. It can be as seemingly simple as swapping a vanilla latte for an amaretto cappuccino  or getting a pen with a brilliant color of ink.

Being mindful of the fact that our thoughts and our behaviors are something that we control can make the difference in how we create our environment and our environment can have a major effect on our emotions. Anyone who has been to a spa knows how much scents and sounds have the ability to eliminate stress. A vial of lavender oil to soothe or peppermint oil to invigorate can also help to change our reactions to situations that may be out of our control. I have one of each in my desk drawer and it’s amazing how one quick whiff can alter how I feel. Popping in a Loreena McKennitt CD is another way I can tune out the negative vibes of complaining coworkers to make myself less susceptible to their effects.

As you read this, choose something that you can do to work into your ‘routine’ that can make your commute less stressful or take the bored out of your board meeting. Keep in mind that small things can make a big difference. Tally ho!!!






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