Just Sharing a Poem

I’m not sure when I wrote this, it’s not dated and it apparently has no title. Perhaps you can think of one.  It was on a warm evening when I sat in my yard near the pond, waiting for the Firefly ballet to begin. I often take a pen and note book with me…just in case I experience something noteworthy. Recently discovered by ‘accident,’ tucked between some books I was going through, I thought I’d share it.  I look out my window at the snow and dream of evenings such as this. Not my best work, but it was what occurred when the pen in my hand began to move…and I let it.

At dusk while sitting in the yard

A breeze caressed a willing cheek.

Some mirthful tune, a gift of bard

A voice and playful lips did seek.

The melody echoed in my head

Until no more my silence kept.

Softly wafting loft instead,

The song from parted lips then crept.

“She changes everything” I sang,

“And all She touches changes”.

This chant amid the breeze then rang

To She who rearranges.

A Dragonfly then came my way

To perch upon my tree.

A smile crossed my lips to say,

“I bid good eve’ to thee.”

It rested there to spend the night.

I thought myself so blessed

To marvel at this wondrous site.

“Please stay”, was my request.

Draped, a softly layered night

Of cobalt, dipping near.

The fragile beauty’s rest from flight

Reflected in a single tear.


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