I Heard, I Answered

If you are reading this, you know that I am a Witch. There never was a time, since I ‘took up the broom’, that I chose to keep it in the closet. I just felt that I couldn’t educate people from in there. Over the years, I have had to defend my path, explain it and endure the results when someone had preconceived notions as to what the Craft is and what kind of person I am for following it.

The most difficult part is the quest for validity. I dress primarily in black, and some would say, ‘look the part’ in the same way that a nun or priest does.  This is not to make a statement or stand out in a crowd, but rather to enhance what I do 24/7 and that is to immerse myself in the fathomless well that is my spiritual calling. Ah ha, here’s where it gets sticky. Trying to convince those of mainstream, conventional paths that the calling that I received is just as valid and righteous as the one that called them to theirs.

It doesn’t help that the fun part of being a Witch has a tendency to overshadow the deep spiritual aspect. Creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky and altogether…uky? I might be mysterious and quite eccentric,  but I’ve never been ‘uky’ a day in my life. Sure, I reach into my ‘wicked sense of humor bag’ a lot when it comes to being a Witch because it helps others get comfortable with who I am, but certainly not to mock or make fun of what I feel is a sacred path. Once people find me approachable, they will discover that I am a person they might want to get to know better and may even begin to defend me to anyone who might say something negative. I consider this, progress. So, if I have to cackle at one more joke at my expense or threaten to unleash my flying Monkeys, I’m okay with it.  I know that no malice is intended when a co-worker gives me a gift of a green faced, hooked nose, Witch Beanie Baby. Compared to being snubbed, harassed, and the target of mean spirited nastiness…I can take a joke and make them too.

When I am alone in my beautiful room that I have that serves as my ‘Temple Between The Worlds”, I don’t have to explain a thing. My Patrons know me and I know Them. I didn’t summon Them or demand that They ‘work with me’, but rather, each one made Themselves known when I was ready to hear Them and accept the honor of Their presence in my life. No one will ever make me doubt the validity of the connection that I have with Them. I’ve witnessed and experienced the result every moment, and for this, I am eternally grateful. Yes, the Magick is a glorious gift and the power can be intoxicating, but my relationship with Them is truly the highest blessing that I have been given.

At times, due to the depth of the spiritual aspect of my calling, I might be accused of attempting to lure people away from their own religious beliefs and practice, especially when it comes to young people and their curiosity. Nothing could be farther from the truth because I know the difficulty of traversing this terrain with all its jagged edges. The desperate loneliness of being a ‘minority’, steeped in a brew of solitary secrecy, is no church pot luck or community picnic in the park. Being true to my path, I don’t celebrate holidays that are not congruent with my beliefs so unless I celebrate with my own Coven or attend the limited events available, I’m on my own.

As for the young who might be enticed by the Craft, I am quick to point out, they could do worse. A path that requires them to accept the responsibility for their actions, live in harmony with Nature and lead contentious lives might be an improvement over blaming parents, ‘the devil’ or both, for being inconsiderate, self-absorbed and entitled. However, they will not be coerced by me.

Can a person take their spiritual path too seriously? If so, I am justly accused. Would I accept being martyred to defend it? I certainly hope that it never comes to that. But, I am someone who cannot separate my spirituality from ‘real life’ because for me, they are one in the same and not side by side. The days of living my path one hour a week in a building designated for that purpose are long gone and far behind me. It was for that very reason that I found myself waging a constant internal battle to be good enough in the eyes of my ‘god’ and failed miserably because I was trying to empty the world’s oceans with a teaspoon. Where would I put the water without creating another ocean that needed to be emptied?

I made one last desperate cry for help that fell on deaf ears. When the echo of my own scream subsided, I heard the call that I was meant to hear…and I answered.


4 thoughts on “I Heard, I Answered

  1. Tatsat says:

    I understand that a lot of those out there have difficulty in accepting diversity. There are ways that are considered “right” and anything less than that is wrong. Unfortunate. Because it is only a variety of perspectives that take the human race forward! I am happy to have come across you Katrika 🙂

  2. Katrika says:

    Thank you so much, Tatsat. I have no idea why this country, my country, has become so unaccepting when freedom is something that the people here claim to cherish. It’s as if they are saying that I have the freedom to agree with them and live as they dictate and unless I do, I need to be targeted and bullied. The bigotry and intolerance blows my mind. It’s especially difficult to understand why they insist on invading other countries and try to force the people to conform to ideals that they can’t uphold within their own borders. Death is a hell of a price to pay for hypocrisy. This is supposed to be a place that welcomes and embraces all people. I am happy to say that Madison is as open minded regarding diversity as it is. For that reason, it has been given the reputation of being ‘evil’ and corrupt. Go figure.
    I am happy to know you too. It still amazes me that I can talk to someone a world away with the touch of a button. I am always happy to see that you have read my posts and enjoy your comments as well as reading your posts. I hope to visit your country some day as it seems to be a very Magickal and Spiritual place.

    I have recently started doing a weekly blog talk radio show.
    We hope to bring a sense of community to all people.

  3. cathydouglas says:

    Thank you for this. Other people can love it or hate it or ignore it or whatever, but you are you, and you’re beautiful.

    I don’t know that you even need to say “the calling that I received is just as valid and righteous as the one that called them to theirs,” because most people have no calling at all. It’s all blank.

    But you do, and it’s a blessing.

  4. Katrika says:

    I SO needed this. Rhiannon had sneezed in my eye just before I got up which made it red and itchy. Then my hair was doing something wonky so the day was not off to a great start. I had not prepared a ‘daily post’ which I decided was no big deal since most of what I write goes unread and unnoticed anyway. I have no words of my own to express how much I was moved by yours. Apparently, tears are a great remedy for Cat Sneeze Eye Syndrome because they began to flow and were as cleansing and healing to my eye as they were to my Spirit. Thank you so much. You are beautiful too. The memories of the times we shared are in a file marked ‘favorites’. The walks at Olbrich, the arboretum and the marsh allowed me to get introduced to the gems in this urban treasure. I hope your bike is still taking you on wonderful adventures and that you are doing well. I’m still trying to master the art of playing well with others so I’d like to get out more and attend some of the events at the store when Spring finally arrives. Blessings to you, my friend.

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