Sign To Align

Will this align me with something needful? This is the question to ask ourselves whenever we are confronted with something outside the scope of life as we know it. Our comfort zone has boundaries, but our safety zone will trump it every time. Survival will always take precedence over comfort. We can put up with discomfort, but feeling unsafe will send up flares that will not allow us to cross that line. If we weren’t wired for this, our existence would be questionable.

However, our perception is fallible. It’s subject to interpretation and cannot always be depended upon to deliver the truth. As hard as it may be and as impossible as it may seem, sometimes we need to risk it. Certainty is the devil we know, but the unfamiliar one might be the one we need to be willing to meet.

If something out of the ordinary presents itself, asking why and considering what it might lead to is something to be carefully examined and considered. Very often, it’s not the immediate circumstances that are as important as the next domino in line. Were you ever introduced to someone who rubbed you the wrong way only to have someone they know come over and get introduced to you and that person became your best friend? Did an unlikely business connection allow you to travel in a new circle where an unexpected door opened?

We must be willing to look beyond the comfortable and the safe. Allowing ourselves to see past the obvious and the immediate is like playing tennis. Don’t focus on where our opponent will have to run to hit the ball, aim for where he won’t be. We just might score big.


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