Who Do You Think You Are?

Is the answer different than when someone asks you to tell them about yourself? A lot of people describe themselves based upon the roles they fill in relation to others in their lives. I’m a mom, I’m a lawyer, I’m a factory worker, I’m a home owner, I’m a Democrat. What we do and what we have often becomes who we think that we are and that’s how we describe ourselves. But, in reality, we are so much more.

Most of the time, our beliefs don’t even enter into it. Some beliefs are very personal and we choose to keep them private, sharing them only with people we are close to and trust. However, when we attend certain community events or go to places associated with our spirituality, we are basically announcing our beliefs and that we share them with the others in attendance. When I was practicing a mainstream religion, my experience was that I did not necessarily share those beliefs. It was this that lead to my spiritual path as a Witch. I could no longer declare that I believed that there was only one true faith and that practitioners of others would be sentenced to an eternity in ‘hell’ unless they converted. I believe that all religions are true to those who believe them. As I frequently tell those who insist that all other religions are wrong and false and their ‘god’ doesn’t really exist, “if it wasn’t working for them, they wouldn’t keep doing it.”

Is who you ‘think’ you are congruent with your answer? Is your answer veiled in false humility because if you were to list all of the virtues you believe that you have, you would be considered vain and egotistical? Would saying that you think you are a wonderful, kind, conscientious being of light out of the realm of possibilities? If so, why should it be? I knew someone who told me he thought he was a jerk. Who am I to argue with Descartes? So, I didn’t. And neither did I offer him a rebuttal.

Take the time to answer this question. In your head is fine, but on paper is better and if you’re really dedicated to feeling amazing, do it verbally in front of a mirror. Avoid your career, your relationships and any labels that society might slap on you. This is a time to delve deep and uncover a secret or two. Do you think you are Batman?

Are you courageous enough to face things that might be less than stellar? Do you think you are insensitive or too judgmental? This exercise can help you realize things that you might want to work on, but resist the urge to go only there. Tip the meter in your favor by acknowledging all of the traits that you can feel good about so that you will have the ambition and drive to enhance them.

After all, I think Descartes was on to something.


2 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are?

  1. zachary says:

    “I could no longer declare that I believed that there was only one true faith and that practitioners of others would be sentenced to an eternity in ‘hell’ unless they converted.” – Exactly. I decided to start attending church at age 12, and liked some things about it, but thought it was the most ridiculous thing that time and time again, people would be so sure that the billions of people on this earth that had a different belief system would be eternally punished. Just didn’t feel right. Shortly thereafter I had to look for my own path, which resonated with me. Thank you for your words, good read. Hope you can stop my blog if you get a moment. Take care!!

  2. Katrika says:

    Thank you so much for your comment. I often tell people that spirituality is the destination and religion is the vehicle to get there…we all just drive different cars. When a person does allow their path to find them instead of simply following family tradition or what has been determined to be ‘acceptable’ we are connecting to the true voice of our own spirit. Blessings,

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