Loyal Subjects

In my family, if you didn’t buy a Ford, you didn’t buy a car. No one would have even considered getting anything else. The last one I had was a mid 80’s Escort,  the name, which I discovered, was code for ‘escort the tow truck’. It spent more time on the side of the road than driving on it. Did I mention it was the last one I had?

Being loyal to a brand was quite common when I was growing up. Everything from appliances to laundry detergent. There were plenty of commercials for other brands, but once something was considered tried and true, you stuck with it. This often spanned generations and was seemingly handed down like grandma’s china. If someone was wooed into purchasing anything different that didn’t measure up, there would be wordless, sidelong glances from the ‘loyals’ that conveyed an “I told you so” kind of satisfied smugness.

Now, it seems that trying something new is expected. Friends and family advise when asked, but checking the internet for reviews is the standard prerequisite for making a purchase whether it be a new car or Cat food. There is no lack of information which takes the guess work out of it…and maybe a little of  the adventure.

Then, there is the matter of having what you bought yesterday being obsolete by today. Disposal of used items gets to be an issue as fees are charged to have them hauled away and some are classified as biohazards. Yet, getting new things often is pretty common place and the life expectancy of most of them is short. This is commerce. This keeps people working in all areas that involve a product. Everything  from being a part of the development, the manufacturing process and the sales.

Friendship is one area, that although gets tested at times, often remains steadfast. This is encouraging because sometimes friendships are hard won. Once tested and proven trust worthy, a real friend can be counted on as being true and loyal. Friendships that are the result of facebook pages and blog posts are those that may never become something beyond this thing called cyber space and yet, are as familiar as those in which we interact in person.

The time and effort put into a post is one thing, but allowing ‘strangers’, perfect and imperfect, into that realm that allows one to display the creation of heart and soul is something to treasure. Connections made with those who live in far reaching places is something that could only be done if you found a ‘pen pal’ when I was growing up.  How exciting it was to get letters with their exotic postage stamps and hold the hand written pages that had been touched by someone living in places that I’d studied in geography books.

The excitement is still there every time I see who has taken the time to read posts such as this one. It’s wonderful to share thoughts and words, in the hope that it will be rewarding in some way to the reader.  I want to thank you for your loyalty and friendship, that is something I truly cherish.


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