Misplace Your Organ

While frantically looking for a lost object, stop using your eyes and use your ears instead. Begin by closing your eyes and see the object in your mind. Concentrate on the silence between your own thoughts and ‘listen’ while your mind relays a message to your ears. With practice, you will suddenly know exactly where the object is or automatically go right to it. Allow your body to be led and respond by turning in a different direction or go into a different room, even if you believe you are in the right place.
Like with most things, the more we use this ability, the stronger and more accurate it will become. Sometimes it’s necessary to abandon the search to allow your mind to ‘reset’. This may sound counter productive, but I’ve had many instances when I will give up, only to have the exact location come to me when I’ve been engaged in something totally unrelated. Once you are reunited with your find, express gratitude.


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