Rein Supreme

This is “be in control” day. Pick at least one thing that you want to change and make a point of mastering it today. Whether it’s avoiding the office donuts or adding more to an already full schedule, consciously control the impulse, especially if it has become more habitual than pleasurable.

When you eliminate something that you enjoy, replace it with something equally enjoyable. This will fill the void so that you will not feel deprived. For example, if you choose to pass on the donut, opt for a bran muffin or pack of instant oatmeal instead. Give your ‘me time’ or your workout priority by putting it on your calendar first and arrange your schedule around it.

Obligations loom large in all of our lives and many of them can’t be avoided. Why not take control of what we can? Start today…it may become your new favorite daily habit.


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