Watch Your Language

You’re a failure. You never follow through with anything. You haven’t accomplished anything in your life…all in all, you’re just a major screw up with a big ass bag of empty promises. Yeah, you ARE the biggest loser.

Would you say things like this to your best friend? Do you say these things to yourself? Thinking these thoughts imprints them in your brain and when you imprint, you act as if it’s true because they become your truth. Self-fulfilling prophecy is never more evident than when you repeatedly berate yourself.

If you take it a step further and write these things down in a journal, they become stronger. If you verbalize them out loud, they become a declaration of your beliefs. Your beliefs determine your behavior and those behaviors become habitual patterns that program your brain to repeat them.

You are your own best friend. Think encouraging and supportive thoughts, write them down and say them out loud. You will form new neuropathways that will program you for success. Then you will have nothing but praise worthy things to say to yourself.

So the next time you say bad words, wash your mouth out with soap…lather, rinse, repeat.


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