Tar O’Day

The card drawn for today is The Hanged Man from the Rider-Waite deck. It depicts a fair haired man suspended by one leg from a ‘T’ shaped structure bearing green leaves. Although he is hanging with his head toward Earth and his hands bound behind his back, his leg is tied with a soft cloth and his eyes are open to demonstrate that he is not in distress and is aware. His head is surrounded by a golden, glowing light and his free leg is crossed behind the one that is tied to further indicate that he is not in pain or anguish. His legs form a figure ‘4’, in that he is connected to all of the elements.

Is there a need for you to take a ‘time out’ and see things from a different perspective? A belief that needs to be suspended or at least reconsidered? His leggings are red, which implies that the belief or idea is something that he is passionate about, therefore it may be difficult to consider changing what he feels emotionally or mentally bound to. However, the golden light surrounding his head shows that wisdom results from his ability to see things differently because the willingness to do that is always wise. Those who cling too tightly to their need to be right will remain caught between ‘heaven’ and Earth and will stay bound.

His shirt is light blue, the color of calmness, another display of a willingness to reevaluate things and not put up a fight or struggle. Is it time for you to back away from a challenge or relinquish control and simply allow things to unfold before you and stop trying to be in control?

The green leaves of the wooden structure from which he is suspended is a sign of life, therefore he is not in any danger of losing his. You don’t need to feel defeated since this is not about a battle of wills, it is about you accepting that change is part of the human experience.

This is your time to transition from one state of consciousness to another. Allow.


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