Magick Monday

Create a bit of Magick this Monday. With a smile and a greeting you can Magickally transform people. If they don’t whack you senseless in the first five seconds, be encouraged to continue, for victory is soon to be won.

It’s not genetic programming, but the environment that has formed the pattern of being less than cheery on Monday morning. On Friday when people joyfully announce to me what day it is, I often exclaim, “Yea, only two more days until Monday!” That might not make me popular, but I might make them think, which is my real mission in this incarnation. Especially, when I follow with, “If all I had to look forward to was two days out of the week, I’d be looking for a faulty bungee cord”.

I mean really, those of us in the workforce have so much to be grateful for. Having a job to go to is what I manifested on the two occasions that I’ve been ‘downsized’ out of employment and every Monday I joyfully begin my week. I love the routine of commuting with others because the energy of this has its own pulse. Doing my daily power incantation as I drive has just become part of my life as it serves as the primer for goal setting for the week.

It’s difficult to encounter those at work who grumble how they wish they were home. Especially, when some of them who made this wish have been laid off. I am not foolish enough to wish I was someplace other than where I am. If I wanted to be there, I’d just go. Choice is a gift. Use it wisely.

See how many transformations you can inspire on Mondays. The worst that can happen is that people will begin to expect it and look to you to be their Monday guru. You can’t let them down or ever let them see you be less than cheerful so the Magick will never leave you.


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