Yule Be Behind

Yule is past, but the fires still burn, nursed by glowing embers. Imbolc is coming and the light is waxing as the Wheel turns. I always thought it glorious to be a Pagan, but the beauty of this Earth based path is so evident when we celebrate seasons and not just ‘holidays’. Most of them are the creation of Christians in an attempt to lure the heathens from their heaths and pagans from their rural ways. Persecuted, tortured and martyred, the practitioners survived as well as their practice. I am grateful to publicly express my love of this path. I may be misunderstood and maligned, but when it comes to pointing a finger…don’t tempt me. I cast in perfect love and perfect trust…most of the time. The rest of the holiday celebrations, decreed so by the greeting card industry, are as flimsy and fleeting as the paper they’re created from.

The Red Winged Black Birds will return early again this year. They have been for some time as the warming trend continues. For all the naysayers who shivered in disbelief when temperatures here in Madison, Wisconsin dipped to arctic levels scoffed over the concept of global warming, there are those of us who know that it is the erratic patterns that mean more than the notion that we should all be sporting shorts in January.

Hunting Hawks filled the skies yesterday as my husband and I traveled to visit family two hours north. Their pray ventures forth to find food when underground pantry stores run low. For those of us who live this path, we feel seasons in ways that escape those who need a meteorologist for confirmation. New life energy is coursing throughout root systems and buds that formed by last Mabon send silent signals within their structure, lying in wait until it’s time to burst.

Some part of every day should be spent in Nature. Love Her, revere Her and thank Her for all that She is and provides. Commune with Her and bind and bond, and what She reveals will enrich your life in ways that mundane minds struggle to imagine, much less grasp. Her consort, the Stag will empower you with His boldness and courage. Paw the Earth to honor Him.

When Imbolc arrives with fresh Ewe’s milk and fires prodded to full glory, pull your capes around you tightly. Warmed and quenched by mulled ale, dance the dance your primal essence has never forgotten, allowing your capes to billow in the wind, lifting you skyward to a higher trance. Drum through the night enticing the light to return.

By crackling pine and Yule log char
Divine in embers, near and far
In fire bright, receive the sight
Knowing comes by morning light.

Keep the secret, keep it well
This is not for you to tell
For your truth is only yours
It’s the key to open doors.

Wisdom here will be revealed
If not for you, will then stay sealed
But, if it is, you cannot hide
From the secrets locked inside.

Fear will never serve you well
Grasp your crystal and your bell
Drive it forth and you will see
Destiny that’s meant for thee.

Blessings everyone.


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