Use And Defuse

Do you ever get angry because someone is doing something irritating that you assume they are doing knowingly? Do you work with a knee bouncer that causes your desk to rate on the Richter scale ? Is your office home to the happy wanderer who merrily whistles as he strides down the hall? Does a coworker have to announce every week that, “it’s Friday”?

My office chair makes a loud clunking noise every time I get up when the hydraulic mechanism readjusts. I was totally oblivious to this until the person on the other side of the wall mentioned that they can always tell when I’m about to head away from my desk due to the noise that my chair made. I discovered that I can eliminate the noise by holding down the arms of the chair when I get up.

Not everything that people do that you find annoying is deliberate and allowing this thought to escalate to anger and hostility is unnecessary. If you feel uncomfortable politely asking them to stop then it’s not worth allowing it to irritate you and you have to decide to deal with it.

Recently I found myself cringing every time a certain person entered into my space because she has an annoying mannerism. I thought about asking her why she did it because when I can understand something I am generally accepting once I know the reason behind it. The way that I asked her made her laugh and now what once was something I dreaded every time she came my way has become a private joke between us. Who would have thought that I’d be laughing over the same thing that used to make me fume? And better yet, I share the laugh with my new friend.


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