Enchanted September Morning


I didn’t have to look at the calendar to know what day it was. I could feel it. The first day of September.

The Griffin chair on my stoop has become my favorite spot to sit with a cup or chalice and allow Nature to touch me. Screened by a wrought iron trellis of spent clematis blooms, I can be slightly veiled from the wild ones who stop by the feeders or sip from throats of flowers too tenacious to wither in the cool flow of morning air.

Alvin and Rocky scurry near my bare feet that are dusted by the hem of my long black skirt. Heedless of the fact that Chipmunks and Ground Squirrels are the sort who greet each other politely, but don’t make dates to ‘do lunch’,  they are willing to share the table I set before them. A mason jar sits along side my chair so that when my guests come to visit, a quick pop of the lid is all it takes to scatter the treasure of the mix of nuts, seeds and bits of dried fruit. Alvin’s cheeks are bulging with his cache of the loot to the point that he appears to be smiling at me…in fact, I know that he is.

Rocky looks dry and fluffy again after his near drowning incident. It was in this very spot that I sat one evening enjoying the last piece of cranberry orange cheesecake that my daughter had made for my birthday. Suddenly, Alvin and Rocky came darting from beneath my limelight hydrangeas and jumped up onto the ledge of the pond. This game of tag ended badly when Rocky ran too close to the edge and toppled in. He struggled to climb out on a Lilly pad, but he was too panic stricken and heavy with water to lift himself high enough. I grabbed my empty plate and placed it beneath his sodden little body and lifted him to safety.  His pride was as dampened as he was. Hiding behind a fern, he began to lick his fur in an attempt to avoid the evidence of this embarrassing and frightening event. He has all but forgotten it now…or hopes that any witnesses have.

I inhale deeply of air on the edge of Autumn and instinctively wrap my invisible cloak around my shoulders. A secret vow between me and the Great Mother seals my pledge to frequent this spot daily, even if for a just few minutes. In fact, I know I will have to or go mad from the desire to do so should I be tempted to allow the clang of mundane life with its screeching wheels and shrill alarms to interfere. The bliss of this experience and resulting euphoria will surely have me ‘jonsing’ for this fix…not the ‘fix’ from drugs that slaughter the mind and rip wide the spirit…but a true ‘fix’. A fix for stress, a fix for fatigue, a fix for anything that might ail me.

So, how long before the sky reflects the hues of turning leaves? Each one the colorful, karmic chameleon of the Trees, beginning with a shy, light blush that soon gives way to a bold, shimmery, show girl shade of raging scarlet. Country roads will tie it all up in black winding ribbons that beg to be unraveled by convertible, rag top down days. Nothing is as glorious as zoom, zooming down the back roads in my husband’s little red sports car, my black chiffon scarf whipping wildly behind me.

The ending of Summer is the beginning of the best that is yet to come. At least it is for me. No fan of heat and humidity, the time I spend out doors is short lived until the temperature dips below 80 or I can find an expanse of shade. The quickening of my heart and stirring of my spirit opens my senses shamelessly. I sniff the breeze and the scents of damp soil, moss and mushrooms intoxicate me. Everything feels deep and cavernous with many places to explore.

Mabon rites will mark the first day of Fall and Samhain on October 31st will be the last of the Harvest holidays. Traditions will be kept and new ones created, for every experience has the potential to be remembered and celebrated. As does this one, right here, right now.


6 thoughts on “Enchanted September Morning

  1. Sarinea says:

    Madam, you leave me breathless. Please set out a few more chairs, let Alvin and Rocky to expect company and the Moonshadow coven will convene on your doorstep soon.

  2. phaerygurl says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Your way with words brings me right to your doorstep and it’s so lovely! I actually lived in the Southern climes for a bit, but missed the seasons terribly. Especially October, being the month of my birthday and Samhain (which I’m addicted to/obsessed with). Thank you for this! Well worth the read!

    • Katrika says:

      Thank you!!! I’ve wondered if I could adapt to living in the South without missing the changes because people like us are so connected to the rhythm of the Earth. Do you experience physical changes too? I sure do. I tend to feel a bit fatigued until my body adjusts. My mother used to say our blood got thick or thin depending on the season. October is so Magickal…it feels as if everything is suspended in ‘tween time. This Samhain will be interesting for me because I get to hand out candy and then I am appearing on a Pagan Propensities radio show. Samhain always charges me so it should be an wicked good show!!! Having an October birthday is so special, you are so lucky!!!

      • phaerygurl says:

        Thanks! Yeah, I’ve always loved Halloween/Samhain. I remember one year I was sick, and my mom at first told me I couldn’t go out, but I said, forget that! So she bundled me up in layers and I went as a bag lady! It rocked! I thought I’d love living in the South, because it doesn’t get really cold for the most part, and I get cold easily. The seasonal changes didn’t strike me as necessary until I was down there, and didn’t really experience them. Especially since it never gets too cold, so the seasons and holidays feel a little lacking. Now that we’re back up here where my hubby’s from (Long Island), I realize just how much I missed the seasons! What a huge difference. I won’t say I’ll never live in the South again, but I’ll say it’s highly doubtful! Even with the weather being so strange and off-kilter (thank you, global warming), It felt strange to be able to get my son on the school bus early in the morning in October, and still wearing capri gaucho pants and a tank top. Now’s it’s more like fall, and I love it! I love Halloween/Samhain so much that my son was 3 months and 3 days old on his first trick-or-treating, as Frakenstein’s monster. I posted the layout on my blog. He was freaking adorable!

  3. Katrika says:

    I’m glad that here in Madison the kids go out the night of Samhain. I’ve lived where they saved it for a weekend afternoon. Not the same thing as going after dark. There is a house a few blocks away that decorates their yard so elaborately that a cop has to direct traffic to keep it flowing or everything comes to a complete standstill. Must take them at least two days to get it all put up. Many of the components move as well as light up. There is stuff on the roof too and they have full sized cemetery gates on the lawn that open onto rows of tombstones and things popping out of coffins. I’m a lot more sedate. I have orange lights in my urns and silk fall leaves and one lone little pumpkin sitting next to my ‘welcome’ gargoyle. Ta da!!! The real scary part is when the Witch who lives in that house sits on the stoop to hand out candy…the neighborhood kids all know about me so they approach with caution. I have them convinced there’s a ‘sea monster’ in my front pond 😉

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