Rule Me Once…

If you are not the Master of your mind, you will never make it serve you.


10 thoughts on “Rule Me Once…

  1. Tatsat says:

    How does one become so…?

    • Katrika says:

      Ok, think of your brain as the hardware and your mind as the software. The brain has a trait known in neuroscience as neuroplasticity. This is SO exciting because it enables us to alter the synapsis in the brain.
      The synapsis are like the web of circuits that WE have built into the brain based upon our thoughts that are formed by our environment and experiences. The things that we translate into either pain or pleasure and determine whether or not we want to repeat them. This is all very individual because what one person might put on a ‘pain scale’ from one to ten as an eight might only rank a four by someone else. Especially if that person has been through experiences that were more painful than the person who has not, so one person would use that experience as the point of reference to make a comparison. Let’s say, one person was hit by a car and almost died. That person would most likely not find getting fired from a job as painful as the person who was not hit by a car.
      So, we create our habits and patterns based upon how much pain or pleasure they give us. We then engrain these things by doing them and thinking them over and over. Now, when something that is engrained becomes painful enough to make us want to change it, we need to create a new ‘neuropathway’. This takes devising a method to instantly interrupt the pattern. So, we come up with a word or thought or vision that has enough impact to make the thought go where we want it to so we can create a new pattern or synapsis. It would be like if you walk down a certain street everyday and on the route a dog jumps out and barks at you scaring the crap out of you. Yet, you walk that same way every day because you have established it as the way you go. One day, you decide you’ve had enough of the dog so you take a different path. That path has no dog, but it’s different, might be a bit longer and might have more traffic. You will need to determine if taking THAT route is better than dealing with the dog or choosing to ignore the dog. So, out of habit you find yourself starting off on the path with the dog. Suddenly, you remember you don’t want to go that way any more so you get a vision of the dog and its barking in your mind and it’s unpleasant enough to make you yell some sort of obscenity (pick your favorite) and turn on your heels and go the other way. You have just created a ‘trigger’ that has caused you to change a pattern. So, every time you start to take the old route you yell that same word, your mind will interrupt that pattern until whenever you think or hear that word you will associate it with the pain of the old path and the pleasure of the new one. Soon, the new path will be just as familiar as the old one was and you now automatically take the new path without even having to think about it or even having to get an image in your mind of the dog or use your ‘trigger’ in order to remember you have chosen to create a new path. You, my friend, have just rewired the circuit in your brain by making your mind create a new one. Soon the old one will be obsolete so you won’t use it. However, if one day, you consciously choose to take the route with the dog again, it has the potential to spark back to life because it was so much a part of your routine before. So, you have to determine if you really want to deal with the pain again. If not, you have to continue to take the new route and never take the old one again. We can do this with any pattern, because we created it and we can destroy it. It just takes the desire to do so and establishing a trigger that will make us stop instantaneously. The trigger must be either crazy enough or loud enough or scary enough to make us stop. Otherwise we’ll just ignore it and continue the old pattern. You can master your mind by creating any image that you desire. You create your thoughts and YOU control them. How exciting is that!!! Have fun with this. Enjoy the process and soon you will become SO proficient at it, that creating the life of your dreams will be part of your nature. This is how we master our mind and make it serve us. One thought, one pattern, one habit, one synapsis at a time. Hope this helps and thanks so much for asking. I love this stuff!!!

      • Tatsat says:

        I never knew any of this Katrika. Not a bit. But I read what you wrote twice, and it makes. On a personal note, am fighting a recent heartbreak and the associated negativity which comes along with it. Although everything else is working well, I have not really been at peace myself. Maybe I need to reprogram myself the way you said. Might actually work!

        You are awesome 🙂

      • Katrika says:

        Thank you so much for the kind words. Heartbreak heals in its own time, going through stages and none of them can be rushed. When it is time, you will emerge stronger and wiser. Feel free to email me privately if you ever want to ‘talk’. There are so many things you can do symbolically to Magickally change your energy. We have so many ‘tools’ and when we ask how, why, when, where…there will be answers. We must be ready to receive them and allow them to be made known. Be open and many doors will open as well.

        We allow others to reprogram us daily. A conversation with a person with a different point of view can get us to change our opinion and no matter how brand loyal we are, all it takes is a clever ad campaign to convince us that buying something else is a better idea. So, why not take control and do our own reprogramming? Change our thoughts and change our minds. Literally.

    • Katrika says:

      Get me started on neuroscience and you can’t get a word in edgewise…as you know from personal experience 🙂 Can’t wait to see you next weekend. First we rule our minds, then we rule the galaxy!!!

  2. phaerygurl says:

    So much said in so few words. I don’t know why I write like this at times, not my usual personality or style.

    • Katrika says:

      There are always so many sides to us. It’s a comfort to know that everybody is multifaceted and feels the same way, especially when we think we need to be one dimensional to be genuine.

      • phaerygurl says:

        Most definitely. I don’t mind writing like that, but it does seem to be another facet of my personality that comes out occassionally, whether spoken, or more often, written. I’ll multi-faceted over one-dimensional any day. It also nice to be accepted as such. It gives credence to others who accept you as well.

  3. Katrika says:

    That’s my main objective in representing the Craft. To be accepted as opposed to being tolerated. There are so many of us that don’t fit the mold.

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