Please, Step Aside

The biggest obstacle between you and living your dreams is you. Get out of your own way and nothing can stop you.


4 thoughts on “Please, Step Aside

  1. Tatsat says:

    That makes so much sense, really.
    The other day, I was trying to finish this assignment at work and I was literally just not good enough, or so I thought ( for what I was supposed to do ). I kept on taking breaks which further reinforced my belief.

    Next morning, I got up at 3 and worked 7 hours straight- did the job that has been hanging for over 2 months 🙂

    • Katrika says:

      We can be our own worst critics too. I have done things to the satisfaction of others, however, if it doesn’t meet my own personal standards, it’s simply not good enough. I have this thing instilled in me that I call my ‘code of honor’ that will not allow me to accept that which doesn’t fit the criteria that I, myself, have set.
      So, are we too hard on ourselves or are we just trying to be our own personal best?

      I commend you on striving to do what you felt was right even if it was difficult. I don’t know if you have heard of Tony Robbins or have access to his work, but what he teaches to us who have what it takes to be high achievers is life altering. At any rate, it’s nice to know there are people like us who are willing to strive for excellence on a daily basis. It’s not about the rewards or praise we might receive from bosses or co-workers, it’s about the satisfaction we feel from knowing we did our best.

      Thank you for your wonderful comments and for sharing your experience. And congratulations on a job well done!!!

  2. phaerygurl says:

    I’ll admit I like the praise from others, but I don’t hear it often. It also reinforces that what I’ve done is appreciated. I do, however, defending myself when I know I’ve done well. Those words are so true and I think we are both our own worst critic and want to do our personal best.

    • Katrika says:

      Thanks so much for the insight. You’re so right, praise is important and I try to give it more than I receive it because I know how great it feels.We all seem to need confirmation from others even when we’re feeling confident, but it doesn’t take much for that confidence to disappear with a harsh word. When we set high standards for ourselves we strive to meet them much more so than those set by others. Sometimes those standards, if set too high, have us falling short and that can backfire by lowering our self esteem. When we get too critical of ourselves we need to ask ourselves if we would say those things to a friend.

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