Postmark Joy

Is there something in your space that needs a change? Does it drive you crazy every time you see it, but the task of changing it seems like too much trouble so you just learn to ‘live with it’? I had one of those ‘things’.

When I did the “Enchanted” stencil for my wall, I had the design on the ends, backwards. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, but over the years it became something that bothered me every time I looked at it. I often thought about how to change it, but worried that there would be a slight difference in the shade of the paint, due to fading and that it would be too obvious that I had fixed it.

Finally, I decided to ‘just do it’. I was doing some touch ups to the walls where some of the corners meet that the Cats frequently rub on and figured that I had run out of excuses. I had the paint and I had the time. I also had my collection of stencils since I had just used them for another project so the one I had used for the end border was within easy reach.

I used a sponge instead of a brush to carefully go over the design. It took two coats, but it covered perfectly. No obvious difference in the shade of wall paint, just a new ‘blank canvass’ to recreate the design. I placed the stencil in line with the end section and redid the design…in the right direction.

Why did I wait so long to do this? It was easy enough and now I love the effect. Even my husband remarked how much better it looks. Such a simple change can make so much difference.

Is there something similar that is postponing the joy you could feel in your space? Driving you crazy every time you see it to the point that you prefer to look away rather than face it another day? That stack of books, outdated shade of paint or décor that you’ve convinced yourself is ‘retro’? Feel free to share the story of the ‘Elephant’ in your room or tell me what you think of the change in mine.

IMG_0500                        Enchanted 005_pp

8 thoughts on “Postmark Joy

  1. Sarinea says:

    I found you on my phone!!!! I still don’t have the hang of bookmarks on here yet, but I’ll get it.
    You have never looked more enchanted dahlink… and your wall looks wonderful too!!!

    • Katrika says:

      Glad I turned up somewhere. Out in orbit can get a bit tiresome when the Broom flies by over and over. Thanks much. You have no idea how dense I am about technology…but, hey…I made toast all by myself this morning!!!

  2. Your ‘Enchanted’ is quite enchanting! Very nice. Hope you harvest successfully from the personal seeds you have sown this year. Lammas-tide blessings to you….Holland & Flannery, SRTB.

    • Katrika says:

      Thank you so much. I’m already thinking of ways to improve on my plantings and arrangements for next Spring.
      I always think of Lammas as the last hurrah of Summer and a bridge between Summer and Fall. Now, on to Mabon and the second harvest.

  3. phaerygurl says:

    I think it looks much better as well. And I have that thinking in my mind as well. Projects and things that are sitting around and driving me nuts. Not necessarily simple, but I just have to at least start them….

    • Katrika says:

      Thanks for the input. With most things it’s taking the first step that’s the most challenging. Since there’s always so many things to do, I’ve been tackling a lot of things right away. That way they don’t just add to my list. Everything from hanging up laundry right away to emptying the recycle bin. But, I still catch myself leaving things until I finish doing the present task so I have to make a conscious effort to ‘do it now’. Since I live in a quad level, there are always things to transport to another floor. It’s easy to put them on the stairs so I can grab them when I happen to be going that way, but they can pile up in a hurry so I’ve been putting them where they belong right away. That ends the clutter problem that I hate looking at too and I get more exercise 🙂 Have a Magickal day!!!

      • phaerygurl says:

        I’ve been doing the same thing. Trying desperately to take care of things instead of leaving them until they get moved somewhere else by someone else, or someone finally voices their annoyance at having to stare at the same thing for a week. Plus, I often find myself stretched very thin, so I have to pull back and weed out extraneous stuff. I feel much better when it’s done. Blessed Be!

      • Katrika says:

        I love time stretching spells. Blessed Be!!!

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