Lavish Litha

MidSummer is here and I will be celebrating in beautiful Door County in the northern peninsula of Wisconsin again this year. The most exciting thing is that I have the opportunity to see Ravens. Last year, I was a bit crestfallen because we were bringing an end to the weekend and I had yet to see my Raven. We stopped at a few more shops as we prepared to leave for home and I heard the familiar raspy call. My eyes eagerly scanned the boughs of a huge pine tree behind one of the shops and saw two Ravens land in the top branches. How exciting!!!

Many times, just as we are about to abandon the hope of bringing that which we want to manifest through the ethers into this physical realm, it suddenly appears. Is this a lesson to remind us to never cross that line of hope or is it intended to teach us that ‘letting go’ is the secret to manifesting?


2 thoughts on “Lavish Litha

  1. Tatsat says:

    I would like to believe that its the latter 🙂
    Many a times I have searched for something, and just when am about to give it up- it comes up from somewhere unexpected! There is absolutely no scientific or logical explanation to this but it is just the way it is… Strange.

    • Katrika says:

      I am inclined to agree. This past weekend while I was on vacation at the same place as last year, I looked in the same spot for my Raven. It didn’t come. However, on the trip home, I spotted a very large black bird being chased by some smaller birds in the effort to drive it off from a nesting area, perhaps. And, although I never had the opportunity to hear its call, I just knew it was a Raven and not a Crow. I had assumed that I would not have this connection being that we were heading out of the area that they live. Funny thing though, at a shop of a local artist the walls came alive with images she had painted and every one contained Crows in one form or another. She and I had an instant rapport even though we had never met. We chatted about Crows and how much we are drawn to them. Crows and Ravens are similar but have distinct differences but both have the same meaning as Spirit Guides. In the practice of the Craft, the Witch must be totally confident in the outcome of the spell work being done. For this reason, we must ‘let it go’ because to ruminate over the outcome is to doubt. I study quantum physics because in order for me to believe something I have to understand the core principals. So it was with the Craft. Once I understood how and why ‘Magick’ works, I was able to do it with confidence and that involves giving it up to the ‘fates’. I love how it all works. Strange in deed. Thank you so much for your input.

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