What’s So Great About This?

That’s what we need to ask ourselves when we catch ourselves ‘mid habit’. All habits are created by the effect it has on us. It has to be rewarding us in some way or we wouldn’t be doing it.


My best friend.

Lists are  valuable reference tools that will serve to align us with our goals when journal keeping is just not conducive to the time frame we may have. Keeping a small note book with us is a convenient way to access our subconscious because some ideas and ‘ah ha’ moments are fleeting and should not be trusted to memory. Stuff happens and that great concept or message from our inner guide is lost forever.  It was so frustrating to be hunting for a scrap of paper or scampi soaked fragment of napkin that could suffice to record something I needed to make a note of. And I’ve ruined more eye pencils than I care to mention by not having a pen with me at all times.

So, when we realize that we are, once again, reacting automatically…take a moment to acknowledge it and ask some questions. Why are we doing this? How does this serve us emotionally or physically? Does it really make us happy or has it become so ingrained that it doesn’t give us the same thrill it did at the beginning, but it has just become habitual. Will it hurt in some way if we stop doing it? Would we be happier if we didn’t give in to this impulse and self-sabotage again?

Yeah, people might wonder what you’re doing, whipping out your note book and scribbling in some pretty odd places or situations, but many scholars and intellectuals do this all the time so, hey, think how smart you’ll look. Just tell them that your divine intelligence is speaking to you and you need to record it for all posterity. What would Moses have done without those stone tablets?


9 thoughts on “What’s So Great About This?

  1. Patti Clark says:

    I am a devoted journaler. So important to my personal growth and self-empowerment! Great post. Thank you.

    • Katrika says:

      Me too. When my daughter was a baby I began a diary for her and continued until she was old enough to write her own. Apparently that caught on because she still journals, 36 years later. It’s like leaving a legacy of your thoughts and your life for those who will want to read it after you have left this incarnation. We change so much and it’s nice to see what we have learned along the way.
      Thank you for your comments.

  2. Papyrus. And maybe the one wouldn’t have broke when he dropped it forever making us wonder what was the Twelfth Commandment.

  3. Katrika says:

    Ok, I’m doing the visual of Charlton Heston stomping down the mountain with an NRA sanctioned gun tightly gripped in his hand…might have changed everything…that golden calf would have been hamburger.

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