Challenge: 21 Days To Make It Or Break It

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If you believe in Magick, go ahead and read my post, “Spelling Be” because that will give you the edge. Not into ‘hocus pocus’?  This challenge may be a bit more difficult, but don’t let that stop you from jumping in and joining us.

The concept is that it takes 21 days to break or create a new habit. You have today and tomorrow to decide on something that does not serve you or that holds you back from having the life you desire. Is reaching for a delectable hunk of chocolate your downfall or does excess clutter in your home fill you with dread every time you walk through your door? Monday will be the starting point and run until the end of the month, so take a moment and figure out what change will enhance your life and help you fulfill your dreams.

There will be tips and tricks along the way that will inspire you and keep you motivated  as we count down the days until we reach the finish line, renewed and healthier and happier. This is a sharing experience so I expect comments and progress reports from participants to come rolling in so that the victory dance will be a mosh pit of joy as we celebrate our success together! I will share my challenge with everyone on Monday and let you know how I’m doing and I  hope you share your adventure as well.

So, are you up for it? Do you dare to make a change in the world that begins with you? Do you have your ‘after’ photo imprinted in your mind as you prepare to take the step that will make that vision happen? Or are you going to allow the same old habit or ritual keep you from living a life unlimited by the hold it has on you?

Come on, you can do it!!! Have a long list of challenges do you? No worries. Just prioritize that list and choose something that will make a difference to you or someone you care about and save the rest for another cycle of 21 days in the future.

For all you Magickal people, New Moon, so let the energy of new beginnings start to flow by making the decision to work within the Lunar cycle and create that which you wish to attract. And even if you are not of like mind, that energy will work for you as the Moon increases toward fullness. That energy will help you plan your strategy.

What are you willing to give up once and for all to live your best life? You have until Monday to decide. Go solo or choose a partner to join you in your race toward the finish line. Begin now. Decide to win.


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