Spelling Be

Sometimes Magick is like cleaning out a closet.  In order to make room for something new,  you must remove something old. If you don’t ‘wear it well’, get rid of it.  Using this application in your spells can…well, work Magick.

Utilize both aspects of Lunar energy to effect the change that you desire. While it is waning, use the energy to repel or banish that which you want to eliminate from your life and, after the dark Moon, use the New Moon energy in Her waxing phase to attract that which you wish to bring in. To define the concept of this more clearly, take out a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns heading one with the word ‘attract’ and the other with the word, ‘eliminate’.

k2 008_ppMake a list of what you want in one column and its opposite in the other. For example, to increase your cash flow, list ‘more money’ on the list under the heading ‘attract’ and ‘debt’ on the list under the heading of ‘eliminate’. Get creative and don’t spend too much time over thinking this step. Use the headings that resonate with you, such as,  ‘want’ and ‘don’t want’ if you choose.  Simply enjoy the process of making your ‘wish list’, allowing your imagination free reign as long as you list both aspects of the desired outcome, keeping in mind that to add something, you must ‘make room’ by subtracting something. List many things or a few and add to it whenever you discover something you wish to change in your life. This will become your ‘shopping’ list of dreams.

After you have compiled both sides of the list, you will need to choose just one item to focus on for now. The Moon is perpetually going through Her phases so after this cycle is complete and your spell has been cast, you can choose another desire from your list for the next round. Now is the time to pay attention to the details. Once again, using the example of increasing your cash flow, decide on a specific amount. Know this…greed will never serve you. Decide on an amount that will enable you to pay off a particular bill or debt and make sure that you include the admonition, “with harm to none” as part of your spell. Beware the Monkey’s Paw. The acquisition of money as part of an inheritance left to you by the death of a loved one is a possibility you need to be aware of and consciously prevent.

It doesn’t matter what phase the Moon is in at the time you begin your spell as long as you work with the corresponding energy. So if it is waxing, simply begin with the attraction aspect of your spell and then after the Full Moon, begin on the banishing or elimination aspect. How you create your spell is up to you. However, if you are new to writing your own rituals and spells and wish to use something from a Book of Shadows other than your own, feel free to do so. The important part is that it is something that instills a sense of knowing within you. Effective spells are never the product of doubt.  There are as many delightful nuances that go into the creation of a spell as there are Witches who dare to conjure them. Crystals, candles, and herbs, oh my!!! Over the course of my journey on this path, I’ve come up with some glorious spells.

One of my favorite things to do when I am working with money spells is to write myself a check from the Universe or Powers That Be for a specific amount and include the words, “or more” on the line.  That way, I am assured that I will receive at least that which I need, but I am not creating a limit. I place the check where I see it often and say ‘thank you’ or ‘cash’ it by stuffing my wallet with Magick money I’ve either printed or borrowed from a board game. Putting this in my wallet establishes ownership.

The most important part of all is to express gratitude for that which you know is as good as already yours. Don’t allow your sense of anticipation to establish the slightest foothold of doubt or even hint at cautious optimism. If you ruminate excessively, it focuses more on your state of momentary lack than on your acquisition. So, raise your cone of power, send it forth upon the winds of change and let it go.

Your list is a Magical tool to build  a life joyously lived in abundance and health. Use it to increase that which serves and nurtures you and eliminate that which does not. Anything from habits that prevent you from achieving your goals to getting out of your two room rental into a home of your own. If you can imagine it, you will create it. Therefore, do so mindfully and lovingly. Be generous and gracious in your spells.

So mote it be.


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