The Lusty Month of May

I’m about to embark on my journey to the central part of the state to join the rest of MoonShadow Coven in celebrating Beltane. After lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet, we’ll be heading to the rock and mineral show in Marshfield to fondle and purchase crystals and fossils.

Then, a stop at Powers Bluff on our way back to Wisconsin Rapids for a much needed connection with Nature. This place is SO Magical!!! I will be sure to do a post regarding it when I get back. Once back in Rapids, there will be dinner at a local pub and then it’s time for a fire. Snacks are served, chased down with gin and tonic, courtesy of Dianthus who never measures the gin…love Lady D!!! Dancing and merry making will reach into the night until our energy wanes or the neighbors protest. In which case, we’ll issue an invitation to party with the Witches and introduce them to the glory of Beltane!!!


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