The 5th Elemental

If your Magickal practice doesn’t include the study of quantum physics it’s like going to the petting zoo wearing mittens. You go through the motions, but don’t get the full experience. When I first set out on this journey, something lead me to the need to know how and why Magick works. Maybe it was all those years of mainstream religion and asking probing questions regarding the seemingly illogical and often contradictory aspects of the teachings and being told, “We don’t know…we just believe”.

For instance, if ‘god’ knows every thing, why did he put Abraham through the agony of marching his only son up to the top of a mountain to sacrifice him to prove his devotion? Abraham is just about to plunge the knife into the son he waited decades to be blessed with and all of a sudden, ‘god’ stops him…with what…”STOP…I was only kidding, man. I just wanted to see if you loved me enough to do it”. Now, even in my child’s mind, this made no sense. If ‘god’ knows everything as I was told he did, he already knew that Abraham would do it so the whole thing seems really cruel and heartless coming from an entity that loves everybody. Not only did Abraham endure the suffering, but think of poor Isaac, his son…talk about your childhood trauma. Having to eat rutabagas and clean your room sort of pales in comparison. Later on I was told it was more of a test for Abraham and his faith, but that too, holds me up at prior knowledge.

Well, the list of similar instances is lengthy, indeed. Me, waving my hand in the air furiously and the teacher calling on everyone but me first, with the hope that I’d develop severe cramping and tendonitis, put my hand down and keep it there. However, I grew up watching Tennessee Tuxedo, the cartoon Penguin, whose motto regarding his tenacity in accomplishing any task was, “Tennessee Tuxedo will not fail”. I was never ‘teacher’s pet’.

One of the first books I delved into with information regarding the science of Witchcraft was Laurie Cabot’s “Power of the Witch: The Earth, the Moon and the Magickal Path to Enlightenment”. It provided me with the understanding that I needed. This needing to know more began to expand until I found myself in the category of, ‘can’t get enough’. By the time the movie, “What The Bleep..Do We Know” hit the limited theater circuit I was a drooling, sniffing quantum physics junkie, jonsing for my next fix.

Reading fiction never really held much interest for me. It’s a fun escape once in a while if it’s good like the work of David Baldacci or James Patterson when I want my mind to dilly dally in the world of fanciful fluff, but the reality of the truth lures me like the dangly thing on the end of a stick that leads my Cats on a merry chase for at least several minutes. My ‘day job’ is one in which I sit at a desk, enter data 40 hours a week while plugged into my headphones, so in my mind, they pay me to listen to audio books.

I wish I had kept track of everything I’ve ‘read’ over the past 9 years, but alas, I have not. Every thing from motivational CD’s to neuroscience and epigenetics, a subject included in my interview on Tarot Tidal’s blog talk radio program Pagan Propensities (see blog post to listen to the interview).   Some  books find their way onto my library hold list several times because once is not enough. Some of these are  by Fred Alan Wolf, my favorite quantum physicist. Maybe it’s the wacky professor aspect of his personality or perhaps the Einsteinian hair-do and sweater vests, but he never fails to captivate me. The “Doctor Quantum” series provides a light, fun place to start on the board game of my personal mental Candy Land, that will lead you through the molasses swamp all the way to the big ass candy cane of ‘weighty stuff’ regarding splitting particles and parallel universes…universae???

Your Magickal practice will go beyond the firm foundation of believing into the impossible to erode, rock solid realm of knowing certainty. That may seem redundant, but, trust me…you’ll understand once your Spell work includes this aspect. It will become the Yoda of your mind, repeating “No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try” every time you Cast. Not only understanding how and why you can move energy, but knowing that you will. The first time Merlin’s Magick works, he is amazed and thrilled that it did. Every time he succeeds he becomes a bit more confident until he does it, already knowing the result.

‘God’ knew what Abraham would do. You will own that confidence once you own this knowledge.


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