Enjoy a “Mimosa”

Madison Wisconsin is said to be ‘infested’ with Witches and even though Bill O’Reilly said, “I mean, this is not Madison, Wisconsin, where you expect those people to be communing with Satan up there in the Madison, Wisconsin”. I must say, I have not done any ‘communing’ with the guy, and even though State Street is an unofficial parade route for a visually eclectic mix of people, I have never even seen him strolling near the Capital Square.

Madison is actually a very diverse, accepting city with wonderful shops and restaurants that range from upscale to very ‘boho’. A beautiful solid interruption to the water, built on the isthmus between Lakes Mendota and Monona which allows us to have a touchy-feely relationship with Nature, providing abundant wildlife and many parks and ‘green’ spaces.

The people love their bumper stickers that become mobile billboards of messages that convey the philosophy and ideology of Madisonians. A common one is “Co-exist” which pretty much sums it up. Doors are held open for you and as soon as you flip on your turn signal to change lanes, brakes are applied and a friendly wave guides you toward your target. When we first moved here, I observed that it appeared that being rude is simply considered to be unacceptable and quite gauche.

One of my favorite ‘one stop Witch shops’ is Mimosa, located near the Capital on Gilman Street. A cluster of many a trinket and found objects that bring on the ‘oohs and aahs’. The staff is very open and friendly and take being helpful to a whole new level. So, whether it’s a new Yoga mat or a tarot deck,  you’ll find it here.

Sign up for their newsletter and find a Magickal well-spring of information on everything from crystals to a detailed listing of all of their classes.



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