Mother’s Therapy

I’ve found that I am able to feel more grounded if I spend at least five minutes outside daily, being mindful of Nature. Filling all of my Bird feeders is therapy. I am conscious of the love I feel for the wild things as I do it. How honored I am to be able to help feed them and provide shelter. I’ve built my home, “Enchanted”, on what was their domain. Creating harmony here is something that provides much joy. I can’t fathom causing harm to any of them or failing to act as guardian for the Mother’s wild children. Magick flows for those who understand and feel at one with the Earth and Her family. You’ll find no ‘Squirrel proof’ feeders here. No disdain for ‘undesirable’ Birds. No chasing them away, no traps, no poison, nor killing. No backyard ‘ethnic cleansing’.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Therapy

  1. Sarinea says:

    Kat you are a wonder & all the creatures from the two legged to the multi legged truly do appreciate all you do.

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